Gardening Tips For Teens And Beginners

Here are some good gardening tips to follow if you are a beginner and/or a teenage gardener. I am not the most knowledgeable gardener yet, but these are very important whatever method of gardening you use.

1. Weed Control

Weed control is extremely important. You must keep the weeds out, or you will have very little to no produce. When the weeds have control, water can’t get to the plants, and the poor plants cannot get enough sun. The weeds eventually take over even the roots of the plants and seedlings. As you can see, if you do a little hoeing every day, the weeds are under your control. If you do not, a week will pass by and there have you a hundred good-sized weeds. This can be extremely discouraging, because I have been utterly discouraged as well. But this comes at the top of our list of Gardening Tips, because it is definitely most important.

2. Animal/Pest Control

Animal and pest control is very important. My main adversary to my gardening plans are deer and beetle worms. It gets so frustrating when you prepare the ground, turn it, hoe it, even it out, plant, water, and hoe the weeds every day, and one day, as soon as it is edible, it is gone. This is another main reason why many beginners give up. It doesn’t matter how high you build the fence- the deer jump over it. But one thing I seriously recommend is the square foot gardening method. As a result of this method, I have had a hundred times less weeds, and NO pests and deer eating. Why? I bought a net that fits perfectly over the 3×6 bed. Otherwise, my little garden would be a salad bar for the critters. This is an extremely important gardening tip, for without it you WILL become totally discouraged and give up like I almost did until I found square foot gardening.

3. Only 2 seasons?

Most people think that you can only garden two seasons of the year – spring and summer. This is totally untrue. With some newer methods, you can garden most of fall, and some of winter. If you have a greenhouse system, you can garden all year round. With the new square foot gardening method, I can now put a cold cover over the garden and last many frosts and have many fresh veggies throughout the fall. With an herb garden, I can put a simple little herb garden in a plastic bucket and put it in and out for a long time. Thus you see this third of the gardening tips proves the myth of two seasons is totally untrue.

4. Traditional Gardening?

Traditional gardening has been in use for a very long time. Personally, I think it is extremely inefficient, much more work, and much less percentage of seeds to harvest. Just think about it. Someone plants a thousand lettuce seeds in one row of their traditional garden. They end up thinning them out to make some space. So many good seeds wasted. And then, when they are finally ready, who comes? Deer and rabbits come and eat everything in sight. However, there is a solution to the poor planning of the traditional methods. That solution is Square Foot Gardening. So if you want to be a successful gardener, you must take action with these great gardening tips, and soon gardening will be very fun!


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Settle Credit Card Debt – How To Take Advantage Of New Laws And Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt

There are more than one ways to eliminate credit card debt, but each option requires a lot of research because a mistake here can be very costly. The government has issued new laws or changed previous ones to make consumers use a debt relief option with much more ease and avoid the nasty side effects of bankruptcy. There is no point in eliminating debt now if it will be back in under a year and the situation will be far worse.

Credit card debt is especially hard to eliminate because it can grow very fast and once a few payments are missed, the total value of the debt will double the initial loan. High interest rates make any loan grow over night but in the case of credit card loans that are not paid on time; the result can be a bit more drastic. Many consumers are now in deep debt because they took loans in the past and with the current economic state, they find themselves unable to pay them back. Here is where debt relief options come to help.

Probably the most important option is debt settlement that suffered quite a lot of change in the past couple of years. This used to be a 50/50 chance when hiring a debt settlement company because there were so many shady companies on the internet that you would never know what the results might be. In most cases, the company took the fees in advance and didn’t do much for it. With the increased number of complains filled at the Better Business Bureau, a change was needed and it soon came. In 2010, a new law was made to stop irresponsible companies from making a profit off of desperate people. Debt settlement companies must only be paid by the client after they finish with the negotiations. This gives the consumers a big advantage and it also almost eliminates the risk of being scammed. Only the professional companies will survive this change and the result will get better and better.

This new law changes the whole industry and makes it more legitimate so that consumers can take advantage of it legally eliminate credit card debt.

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Unique Gift Gadgets

Unique gift gadget, as the name suggests, is a gift gadget presented to the loved ones, which, apart from being unique, offers the sense of satisfaction to both the receiver and the giver. Any appliance or device having some unique or novel features in addition to catering to the specific purpose or function, for which it is made to, is typically referred to as a gadget. The uniqueness of the gadgets lies in the clever and innovative design of the instrument, which is quite different from the normal technology used in the manufacture of a standard type of instrument.Gift is a thing which is presented to a person out of love and affection and helps the receiver in remembering the person who has presented it. The best thing that comes to the mind for presenting a gift for remembrance is a unique gift gadget, which in addition to being unique gives a special sense of satisfaction to both the receiver and the giver of gifts.Unique gift gadgets are so called for the unique nature and the innovative features that it inherits. To cite an example, it is worth considering presentation of a watch to our loved ones. A watch is a typical instrument having a small square or rectangle screen or dial used for looking the time, which is worn on a hand. The very simple fact that it has a screen made our innovative gadget maker to think of movies. And you have a gadget that plays MP4 and MP3 movies and also acts as a voice recorder. A MP4 watch is a unique gift gadget, which, on being presented to the loved ones, makes them feel happy. What’s more, the MP4 watch is capable of storing video clips to the extent of 2 GB. This is a typical example of a unique gift gadget which will make the receiver a very happy person and will also serve as a thing of remembrance for many more days to come as long as the receiver has it in his or her possession.Another interesting feature of the unique gift gadget is the usage of innovative technology to the best possible extent in making simple things look great and great things look simple. They are the means through which the latest innovations in technology and the creativity of the mind are entwined, thereby resulting in products which can be truly called as unique gift gadgets.One more interesting example of unique gift gadgets, which can be considered worth presenting to the persons who need to keep all the information, is a secret mode in a protective manner. Nowadays, pen drives are used as gadgets to store vast information, which can be portable from one place to another place and the data can be retrieved on any personal computer. Instead of having a pen drive separately or using it with a key chain, our innovative gadget makers have come out with a unique item, a bracelet with pen drive. On the face of it, the bracelet is a simple ornament that is worn on the hands of a person and does give a special look to the person wearing it. How would it be if the same bracelets, which appears to be bracelet and is also a pen drive that can store information? This is a unique gift gadget that can be presented to the person. The pen drives in the form of bracelets come with various memory capacities such as 256 MB and up to 2 GB.

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